Quick Overview

Virus Protection

Mobile phones are constantly making our life quicker and effortless by helping us in everyday activities. Performing all these conducts we obviously collect some important data in our phones. MobileSafty.com assists virus protection and cloud backup to maintain the security of these important information.

Theft insurance

We, at MobileSafty.com value the importance of your precious handsets and facilitate you with a comprehensive coverage of mobile insurance. We are strongly committed to protect your beloved device, so that you may stay casual while using your phone.

Damage insurance

We feel the worries faced by someone if his mobile got accidental, liquid or fire damage. No problem, we’ll confer you liberty to keep your fear aside and dance with your phone.

Lock your lost phone

Well, you’ll get the new phone* if you lost that along with MobileSafty.com strengthen you to protect the data which you kept in your phone by locking that completely.

Cloud backup

Mobile devices are the home of several personal and professional data as per your daily requirements; therefore we let you be able to move your sensitive data into the cloud and go above the usual security arena.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

We acknowledge the worthiness of important calls as well as understand the annoyance of useless or promotional calls. Our fully loaded MobileSafty app will fortify you to block the unwanted calls.

Scanning and unlocking

A true mobile companion MobileSafty also assists you with its inbuilt advanced security features. You can add exclusive scanning and unlocking feature to your mobile using MobileSafty app.