How to apply Insurance  at MobileSafty?

First of all

You need to visit our website http://mobilesafty.com
Install our Mobile App from Google Play Store

For website users:

  Step 1: Click on the registration tab

  Step 2: Submit your scratch code and serial number

  Step 3: Select the State (Written on your ID) and Desired Insurance Provider.

  Step 4: Fill the form carefully

  Step 5: Upload the documents

  • *Product image 1 (Front view of Mobile)
  • *Product Image 2 (Back view of Mobile)
  • *IMEI Number image
  • *Invoice Slip
  • *Proof of Delivery (If you purchase your phone online)
  • Your Passport Size Image

  Step 6: Cross check everything

  Step 7: Tick mark the Term & Condition and Save the file.

--- Your work is done, Now we shall take care of the rest ---