Claim for Mobile Damaged

How to Claim Insurance,  if Mobile is Damaged? -I

First of all

You need to visit our website
Install our Mobile App from Google Play Store

For website users:

  Step 1: Click on the claim tab

  Step 2: Fill your login details

  Step 3: Select claim insurance in profile button

  Step 4: Select the reason to claim the insurance (Damage/Theft)

  Step 5: Select the product (Tick Mark) that is to be claimed

(*It is showing multiple products here, because user has obtained multiple insurance for his various mobiles)

Note: This Tutorial is applicable in the case of accidental damage and while submitting for claim you need to have the soft/scanned copy of the following documents;

  • Photo ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • 2 Photos of Damaged phone (Click at least one photo of your damaged phone with IMEI Number)
  • Estimated bill from Authorized Service Center

  Step 6: Fill your bank details

  Step 7: Fill the service center details

  Step 8: Fill the claim details

(*Note: Amount of Estimate will be provided by the service center, here you need to fill the amount and serial number of estimate voucher)

  Step 9: Upload the required documents and save the file.

*Note: If your claim would be found genuine by the Insurance company, you will be contacted for the further procedure.

How to Claim Insurance,  if Mobile is Damaged? -II

After Submitting Claim:

There are two conditions:

  1. If the Claim is rejected, you will receive the reason for rejection at your registered Email ID. You may submit the required information/document to re-consider your claim.
  2. (Note: Check tutorial “How to re-submit the claim if previous claim is rejected”)

  3. If the claim is partially approved.

  Step 1: Fill your login details

  Step 2: Select claim Status in profile button

  Step 3: Select (Tick Mark) the Partially approved product.

  Step 4: Go to “For Repair Claim” and Edit the Section

  Step 5: Enter the actual repair amount and update

  Step 6: Edit Repair Invoice Image and Upload the repair bill (Given by service center) and Click on “Update”

  Step 7: Wait for the further approval, You shall be informed of the same. You may check your claim status to stay update on your claim processing.

How to Claim Insurance,  if Mobile is Damaged? -III

After updating the repair amount and repair invoice, The insurance company will complete the claim procedure and you will get an E-mail/SMS for that.

  Step 1: Fill your login details

  Step 2: Select Claim Status in profile button

You will find your claim status (Completed)

  Step 3: Download Scrutiny Sheet and Discharge Voucher. Sign these documents properly.

  Step 4: Collect all the documents which you have uploaded to the portal.

  Step 5: Courier the document to

“At Publishing & Marketing Pvt. Ltd., 2nd Floor, Plot No.386, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi-110092”.

  Step 6: You need to upload courier slip to the portal. Follow the undersigned steps;

  1. Select courier details from profile button
  2. Select (Tick Mark) the product on which claim is completed
  3. Upload the courier slip and fill the blanks.

Now, your work is done and you will be contacted for further procedure shortly.